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With record deficit spending, spiraling national debt, trillions in unfunded Medicare and Social Security obligations, our IRA, 403b, 401(k), or other retirement accounts are at a higher RISK.


How much of our savings is protected from taxes? We know what tax rates are today but what will they be tomorrow?  We know that rates are much lower than the historical average. Will taxes take 50%, 60%, or 70% of our “nest eggs”? William Baldwin wrote “The Tax-Deferral Trap” which states, “the likelihood of rising taxes is much greater now than it was before the recession-crash-election“.

Income tax brackets in the 1970’s were as high as 70%! ONLY 5 years out of the last 75 years have income tax brackets been lower than today! Since Income tax became a way of life, the average income tax bracket has been 62.1%. And yet Robert Samuelson wrote “Young Voters — Get Mad“, “You’re being played for chumps.”

What will our future TAX bracket be?

Will we really be in a lower TAX bracket when we retire?

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What Are Your Taxes Really Paying For?



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